An Assemblage of...

is an interactive archive of material, inspiration, and research as a way of reimagining process and performance. It is a collective space for us to live and be together forever, while we are forced to be apart right now.

It should feel almost overwhelming. Don't feel like you have to see everything at once. I invite you to jump around between sections. To come back and see more later. To come back and reread the same thing later. Each piece of information feels extremely valuable to me, but only some may resonate with you. Take what you feel is important.

I suggest viewing with your browser in full screen for full-functionality.

Dancers and Collaborators: Amanda Boyer, Maria Denzer, Emma Ducote, Kayla Grudi, Claire Mork, Erin Rawlings, Jamie Wallace, and Olivia Wymbs


Curated by Kelly McCaffery

Orphee Suite - 6. Orphee's ReturnPhilip Glass
00:00 / 06:56
06 La Vie En Rose (Single) 1Louis Armstrong
00:00 / 01:34